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Access Control Systems

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Access control is one of the major requests of our commercial customers. Access control is the use of door hardware to limit only authorized persons to enter a building or area of a building and only at preset days and times. The door hardware can record the name, date and the time the person entered the particular area. Access Control can be accomplished several ways and at different costs: Medeco high security cylinders - these cylinders use keys that are registered. Only authorized persons may have duplicates made. Combination Locks - these locks have changeable pushbutton combinations that restrict entry to only those that know the correct combination. Prox readers - this technology can be found on stand-alone door locks or on card readers which are connected to an electric strike or mag lock. Both stand-alone locks and card readers have the option of audit trail which would record the name of the person entering the area, and the date and time of the entry.


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